Saturday, November 5, 2016

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Hey Mocha Family,

The locks are back!

I should have known I had stumbled on something good when six years passed without a thought of me taking down my first set of locks.  I was so restless with my hair before.

I'm glad I gave myself the chance to explore a low cut.  I loved everything about it except the frequent trips to the Barber.  When I decided to grow my hair out, I wasn't a fan of managing the choppy progress with Wash and Goes.  While it was easy enough to do, and looked beautiful, the gel life was offending my sensitive scalp.  Too much!

Going forward, I'm sure I'll enjoy a low cut again, but feel super comfortable slipping back into my care free locked life.

In the video, I mentioned that my hair is cute enough to wear uncovered, but they've shrunken even more.  I could position them better with pins, but I'd like to free my hair as much as possible to develop evenly.  I've been enjoying lots of hats and wraps.  By the time I get tired of it, my hair will be ready to fly free.

I plan to do monthly updates.  The development of locks are so fascinating to me.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Be blessed!

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  1. What incredible timing!!! I can't believe it :-)
    I was just watching the videos on You Tube of when you started your daughter's braid locks as my daughter has decided to do the same. I ordered the book The Knotty Truth and have been reading it over and over. I actually had a question for you. In it on pages 29 and 101 she refers to Nourishing Conditioning and Holding Gel and yet I can't find the recipe for it in the book anywhere--only the Healthy Hair Spritz and the Nourishing Herbal Tea Conditioning Mix. Will you use any type of homemade or purchased loc gel? and will you continue to interlock yours or do palm rolling or a combination of both? I had thought to try to contact you to ask what your son in college was doing, thinking he was the only current family member with locs! not any more :-)
    I do appreciate these updates as well since I don' do Facebook or Instagram.