Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My 13 Year Old Daughter is Now Doing Her Own Hair + Small Twists

Hey Mocha Family,

I am more than a little excited about the fact that Mocha Girl 2 can twist her own hair!  Had I known she could do such a good job, I would have let her try sooner.  She's been asking for months, but I was concerned about the fragile state of her hair.  Honestly, I like the twists she did for herself better than the ones I do.  Win. Win.

Oddly, I had a similar experience with this daughter when she was learning to read.  I was a stickler for decoding words by sounding out the parts.  One day, Mocha Girl 2 just rattled off a sentence like she had been reading fluently for years.  I wanted to know how she did it!  In response, she wanted to know if I wanted her to decode it first.  Apparently, she had moved beyond that step, but willingly did what I expected of her.  Lol!  I've finally learned my lesson!

I can't tell you what it does to my heart to see my girls mature to working with their natural hair.  They are miles ahead of me at that age, and I am so excited to see where their journeys take them.

Be blessed!

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