Saturday, July 9, 2016

Updated Wash and Go with Finger Coils

Hey Mocha Family,

The other day, a lady around my mother's age asked me what chemical I used in my hair to get it to look like this? I panicked for a moment and wondered if she thought I was rocking a Gheri Curl from the eighties or something.  Ya'll know, that's my biggest fear, haha!

Truth be told, I have perfected my wash and go, learning how to work with the varying textures on my head.  Most of my hairs naturally form tiny coils about the size of a pen spring.  By finger coiling the other areas, I can create that pattern all over my head.

I recorded the video above in real time, while on vacation.  I share all my new tricks and show you step by step how I use my products to achieve this look.  As my hair gets longer, I can wear this style for about a week before having to wash and repeat the process.

Let me know what you think!

Be blessed!

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