Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to Perfect Your Hair Regimen

Hey Mocha Family!

I have wondered whether it is even necessary to continue this online hair conversation.  There have been so many blogs, magazine articles, and YouTube videos from documentaries to how to's and talk shows.  Now there are so many products available for us to try.  Surely, the journey to mastering a hair regimen is so much easier today, then back in 1994 when I started.  No internet, cell phones in everyone's pockets, and no YouTube for a person to access how to videos on just about anything.

Back in the day I kept a dog eared copy of Good Hair, by Lonnice Brittenum-Bonner on my person both as reference, and a means of encouragement not to give up.  It helped, but I was so much more successful at staying the course upon finding support online from real people all over the world who were searching for answers just like me and open to sharing their wins and fails.

According to my cousins, pictured above, who were immediately snatched for a video when we realized our conversation was worth sharing, this exchange of info is needed now more than ever.

Check out them out as they share what it's like to figure their hair out today.  Is more better?  Back in the day, we were excited about less than a handful of natural hair care products on the market.  Is it easier now that there is so much to choose from and so many methods to apply?

Let's talk about how to best help each other grow as our resources grow!

Be blessed!

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