Sunday, March 20, 2016

Twist Rod Set Tapered Fro

In the past I have been so frustrated when trying out products and not getting the promised results.

All methods don't work the same for everyone.

A number of factors may be affecting our results, including how our hair absorbs the products (porosity), texture (different strokes for different folks), and the order of product usage, etc.

When I read a label I tend to follow the instructions exactly.  If the product is geared towards a wash and go that failed, it gets chucked into my stash of failed products I just can't throw away because I spent the money.  It doesn't typically occur to me to try a wash n go product for a wet set.

If a product works, I'll keep using it the way it works.

I am not sure what made me reach for Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls as my holding product for the wet set in my video, but I am so glad!  The resulting set was super soft and beautiful.  Dare I say, softer than when used for my wash n go?

Check out the video!  This one is a keeper!

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