Friday, July 31, 2015

Yours girls are punishment for tormenting your mother!

I had an awful experience at the bank while waiting in line to make a deposit with my 3 youngest girls. I knew I should have used the drive through!
Lady ahead of me: These all your girls?
Me (Big smile on my face): No I have 4 girls!
Lady ahead of me: You were awful to your mother weren't you?
Me (what??????): No my mother and I have a great relationship!
Lady ahead of me: They say you get lots of girls if you were awful to your mother.
Me: I needed girls! I have grown so much. I am so glad God gave them to me. God gives you what you need.
Lady ahead of me: I have two girls and if I had another one I would shoot myself.
Me (really Lady?): Well, I really like my girls.
Lady ahead of me: I love my girls, but....(look of horror, and you must be crazy on her face).
My girls stood silently listening to it all.
I am a trained counselor so I understand that this woman is probably going through some hard stuff with her daughters. I wanted to be empathetic and reach out to her but I was too mad.
LADY! Do you really expect me to tear down my daughters (you are a complete stranger) with them standing right here???????????
I did ask God for sons because I thought I was better equipped to cherish sons, but I am so glad He BLESSED me with my FOUR daughters!

I realize this was a wasted opportunity.  Momma Bear rose up, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to cover up my girls' ears!  The conversation would have never come up if my girls weren't there, but wouldn't it have been lovely if I had been alone with this woman?  Maybe we could have walked out of the bank together and really talked about what was going on with her girls.

She must be going through something terrible to try to convince a complete stranger that girls are punishment for wicked daughters who had tormented their mothers.  

This lady would not back down no matter what I said.
She talked to me right through her transaction.  Her teller just watched. 

I was so glad to wrap up my business and turn to her saying, "Goodbye!"

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