Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Beach Game Needs Help!

Don't. Judge. Me.

So we came back from the beach super late last night, and I allowed everyone to fall into bed as is.

It was very late and I knew that I had nothing left to give.

Yes, I know that there are showers at the beach, but am I the only one who gets grossed out by floors?  One look at the soggy tissue paper, and sandy trails was all I needed to help me decide that sitting on damp towels for the drive home was no big deal.

I need some help with my beach game.  I have to acknowledge that sand is a real game changer, and my pool regimen needs some tweaking.

I did feel panicked to see sand embedded in the girls' braids and scalp.

A good night of sleep gave me a renewed sense to do Mommy, and I am so glad we waited.

A bottle of Trader Joe's Refresh worked wonders for a co-wash.  The sand rinsed cleanly away! We finished off with apple cider vinegar rinses.  We are definitely living the fuzzy life, but the girls have super soft hair with all of this moisture.  I sealed it all in with a dime sized about of castor oil.

Our next beach trip is in two weeks.  What is your beach system?  The others moms around me definitely seemed to be working a system!

One thing is for sure.  I plan to purchase another bottle of my favorite cheap conditioner.  I missed it for sure!

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