Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Son Draws!

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  1. Hey Hi, I just watched your video and saw your son's character drawings. Hey this is really a very good drawing for a person who learning how to draw by himself. And I would like to recommend your son some art books for to learn more about drawing. My brother also is learning to drawing and he is not getting an art course so he is learning by himself and when he began to drawing and when start to improve himself, like images like your son's character drawing I recommended and want him to start to study "Andrew Loomis" Art drawing books. and he get these books from me, and start to study those books. And now he is really drawing such good portraits with pencil. And he draw yesterday my elder brother photo and you will not believe he exactly draw the photo same, he really is improved his hand and his mind and eyes for drawing. and it is only 3 month passed when he start to studying those precious art books And those books are really very important for a person who want to learn drawing by himself/herself. And those books also free from internet. I'll give link for those books. When I download first time those books I make them print and so start to study those books and my brother also continue his lessons from those books. And I am thinking he will really a professional at drawing. He is drawing the same as photo with pencil and it really is so nice to see a photo on the white paper.And here is the link for those books. You must click on one book and download it. And your son will be a great artist when he finished studding those books. I can see that this wonderful character drawing My brother now studying the "Drawing The Head & Hands" book. Very precious book they are.


    Good luck to your son with studying those art books and improving his eyes for a painter