Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lost Art of Homemaking?

I don't know if the art of homemaking has been lost, or if our girls just aren't interested in focusing much energy at home. My mother was and still is a fantastic homemaker. She worked full time while raising my 2 sibling and I, yet still had time to make delicious meals, clean, do laundry, and grow thriving plants. I grew up thinking these skills would get magically transferred to me, despite my resistance to coming along side my mother to do what she did and be trained.

I remember countless arguments, and feelings of frustration whenever my mother asked me to help her cook, or fold clothes. I found the work a tedious waste of my time, because as soon as we were done, it was time to start the same tasks all over again. What gratification was there in a job that is never quite done? It wasn't until I was an adult, with a family and home of my own, that I found myself picking up the telephone over and over to consult with my mother, about all of the things she had wanted to teach me at a time I was too rebellious to learn.

I've been floored by the response I've gotten from the homemaking tips I've shared on the YouTube channel. When I was approached to share a little more about my home life, I imagined I'd get no response. Instead, you're asking for more and contacting me privately to share your personal struggles. Wow!

I would like to encourage you to be patient with yourselves. I've been married for 17 years, and been a mom for nearly 14 years. The methods I am sharing today didn't evolve overnight, and I am STILL learning and making mistakes. At times, I've burned my share of meals, overspent, fell behind chores and felt like hiding in my closet when it seemed like the kids were in charge instead of me. At times, I've yelled or been too harsh, and had to go back and apologize to my kids. At times, I've mouthed off to my husband, and been unreceptive to his needs. At times, I've failed to pray and stay close to the Lord. No one is perfect, and even those who are no longer making the mistakes you are making today, are making their own new mistakes. We're all on a path of growth. I've learned to maximize my mistakes by using them to improve my systems, and to keep me humble enough to be receptive to being taught.

In my latest video I share several books on getting organized, written by a close friend and mentor who has authored even more books on the subject since I purchased the three discussed in the video. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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