Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Change the Attitude...

...toward the word nappy because the word isn't going anywhere. This is such a big deal to people, and from time to time I'm confronted about why I embrace the word. I love it because it spurs just the kind of conversation I'm after.

Here's a video response I made to abht01's video: "Get rid of the word Nappy".


  1. That is the perfect response! My husband is Black but also has some Native and White mixed in and in his family they have a wide range of hair types. When they're talking about hair they use nappy to describe the hair type. It doesn't have a negative connotation, it's just a way of differentiating between the different hair types.

    My husband doesn't have that hair type but my daughter does (I'm white, so it was surprising to many she got this hair type.) I get people shocked when I use that word to describe her hair. But I'm not doing it to be negative, I'm doing it so that people understand what her hair type is and what it requires.

    When I say that, I'm not doing it to take away any of the beauty that is her hair. While many in our extended family don't want to do it, we openly celebrate the texture of my daughter's hair and believe that she is blessed to have this texture as opposed to the curls most would expect from a biracial/multiracial child like herself. It's not the texture that is problem, it's the attitudes toward it.

  2. I also loved your response. You said it so well, "change the attitude not the word". A negative connotation should never have been applied to the word in the first place. Your pictures certain show you and your daughters to have BEAUTIFUL hair!

  3. Hello, This is off topic here sorry i could not find a contact button. Anywhoo do you have any hair remedies for a 12 yr old who's hair is thinning on the sides? Thanks Much

  4. Thanks ladies.
    @Bahati Belle. Do have any idea why her hair is thinning? If not, I recommend taking your daughter to a dermatologist to determine the cause.

  5. Thanks Natacha, I was inquiring for a friend she said her daughter had a ringworm problem in the past. Thanks Much love your blog...