Friday, May 20, 2011

Mocha Prince in FRONT of the camera!

I'm so proud of our son--Mocha Prince (MP). He was about 9 months old when Mocha Dad and I decided we wanted to homeschool him and any children coming after him. My husband was a college professor in the computer science department at the time. I was home full time with MP, but had been successful as a social worker in clinical practice working with emotionally disabled children and their families. My greatest fear was math. For some reason I feared teaching it to a child, but my husband was confident that we could do a good job.

MP has exceeded our expectations in his academic performance. We are so proud of him. Along the way we've discovered that he has a great gift for music and writing as well. It's never boring trying to balance a curriculum for someone who is comfortable with math and science but also demonstrates abundant artistic expression.

I think the greatest benefit of homeschool for us so far has been the gift of time. We are together so much, and find that we'd either kill each other or learn to live together in harmony. I'm glad it's the latter. We really like MP. In preparation for my kid's adolescence, I'm reading many accounts about how difficult this season can be. So far so good!

I share a brief video of gratitude and congratulations here. I couldn't do much of what you see on YouTube without my son's support.

Thanks MP and congratulations on moving up to the next level!

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  1. Congratulations Mocha Master!!! You have now evolved from a fearless grass-hopper to a academic titan! ;)