Monday, April 18, 2011

Want more Cherish the Momma?

I'm working on some more Cherish the Momma segments. Our girls watch us, imitate us--we're leading by example whether we're trying to or not. I want to pass on as many positive things as I can. I also want to break bad habits. For example, my entire life I've hated to sweat, but sweating is good for our bodies in so many ways. Not only are we eliminating waste through the body's largest organ, we are promoting hair growth with all the circulation our sweating process brings to the scalp.

Let's get moving for ourselves and for our daughters! The benefits are endless.

I find it easier if I'm doing something fun. Here's another one of us--check out Pam's quick
Zumba workout video on YouTube. Try it! In my enthusiasm, I worked up a nice sweat.

I also enjoy her blog, because of her insight on raising fit kids.

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