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Hot Topic: Straight Hair Mystique

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  1. girl, your daughter hair is beautiful, don't pay attention to what people say. No matter what you do they gonna say something about her hair.

    I use to straighten my daughter hair about once a month, because it was long enough, than I came to realize that the more I straighten it the more it broke off. So I stop and her hair is growing.

    All you have to say when they say something like that is "this the my daughter's glory that God gave to her and I'm not about to change it."

  2. I love your blog and have been watching your videos for a very long while but never commented! This is exactly how I feel as well...we do braid styles for my oldest daughter sometimes, but she also loves to wear her hair in an afro paired with a headband and flower(she is 4)We get people all the time, stopping us, yelling at us 4 isles across a store once to get our attention to tell us she knows someone who can do her hair for me, and someone else once said I can't have her hair in a afro like that, even though it is healthy, and moisturized properly!...How did you respond to the people's questions? Is there a proper way? I just always say, I've got it, thanks :)...sorry to ramble on...
    you have a beautiful family!!

  3. @Tom and Ashley
    Thank you! That is just so RUDE! If it's a stranger you don't owe them any explanations. You really don't. Did you see my blank stare in the video? Sometimes people need to be shown how inappropriate their comment was.

  4. That was perfect. PERFECT. It actually brought a tear to my eyes because I have had people say that to me...that we should relax MY FOUR YEAR OLD daughter's hair. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????????? I always reply that I think her hair is beautiful the way it is. And I truly believe that. I LOVE it. God made her beautiful, nappy hair. How DARE WE say that it's not great, just the way it is. Oooohhhh..makes me so angry! LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PS- I hope you don't mind....I put this on my FB page. EVERYONE should hear it.

  6. @ Janet--Thanks for sharing it! I appreciate it!

  7. Isn't the term "nappy" considered offensive? It means tangled and unkempt doesn't it? Why should a black child be considered a "nappy" headed child. I think that's just wrong.

  8. @anonymous
    The term has been used with the intent to describe hair that is tangled and unkempt. It has also been used to describe the tightest, kinkiest, coarsest texture associated with people of African descent. There's no shame in having this texture--in fact we embrace it. I devoted an entire post to my use of the term--it was my very first post. Check it out!

  9. @Janet
    What need is there to relax a FOUR year old's hair? Everyone should be able to see a problem with that. Really.

  10. I used to get the same comments. Actually, when I was 10 my mother relaxed my hair because it was "hard" to manage. At that point it was past my elbows. By the time I graduated from high school it was just above my shoulders. In college I let my hair grow back to it's natural state. For me I think it was a time when people were confused about "mixed" hair. I think as long as you are comfortable with what you have, then everyone else just need to mind their own business.


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