Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nappy Christmas Greetings!

Our relationship with nappy hair and fuzz can affect everything--even organizing the kids to take a picture in time to send out Christmas cards to our loved ones. I confess, I really struggled this year.

There's nothing wrong with wanting everyone to look their best, and a fresh style is beautiful. My problem is I've been swamped with seasonal activity. I've had no time to calmly sit and lovingly do hair. I certainly could have ripped through their strands to get the job done, but it just wasn't worth it to me. I don't believe in suffering to be beautiful.

I finally realized the cards would never go out if I waited for the day I could freshen up all the girls' styles--especially when a wash is necessary for them all.

One morning I woke up and noticed that my son was wearing red and white. A few minutes later MG3 came down the stairs in a red shirt. Her hair was fuzzy wuzzy to the max, but I knew right then that I needed to seize the moment. I rushed upstairs with Mocha Baby and dressed her in the gorgeous Christmas dress my mother bought her. HMG joined in the fun accessorizing to match everyone. A fifteen minute photo shoot ensued and voila! Christmas cards!

I realize that when I send out my cards, some people may say, "This picture would have been perfect if she had done something with the girls' hair!"

I'm OK with that, because I know this image is a better reflection of who we are and what we cherish. It is more important to be able to reach out to our loved ones, without letting things like fuzz, frizz and naps be a hindrance. I also appreciate the opportunity to give my girls another experience where their nappyness wasn't even a thought. I had plenty of thoughts running through my mind, but they'll never know it.

Merry Christmas!


  1. They are gorgeous and thank you for this post. As a white mom of black children I think I feel extra pressure for my kids to have hair that looks good. Not that I wouldn't want them to anyway, but I don't want people to think that I don't know how to take care of their beautiful hair. So I have a lot of inner angst when my dd's braids get fuzzy from all her play!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It makes me feel a little better:)!

  3. You're both welcome!
    @Lee I think you're right that people will be looking at what you do closely. If they put that kind of pressure on themselves they are sure to expect miracles from you. No grace whatsoever.

  4. Great post, Natacha. How could the photo not be beautiful when the children are so happy and loved? I mean, just look at those faces. And Mocha Baby's dress is soooooo cute ... not to mention that smile on her face. :-D

  5. Beautiful pic of your family. I am planning on taking my daughter this weekend for her chrismas pics and like you wondering how to style her hair. But know because of you I am going to dress her up in her pretty dress and take some candid pics at home near the tree.