Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Response to Glamazini: Non Black Person's Guide to...

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  1. I have to say that I am loving these discussions. It is helping me SO much to understand my daughter's hair. And to understand her beautiful, natural hair.

    PS- Mocha baby is SO sweet. And she might like your earrings just a liiiiitle bit. :-)

  2. It's so funny how I can be so oblivious to what she's doing and let instinct kick in. I kept saying "ouch" as I watched her tug on the video but in real life while I was making the video, I was so into what I was saying i didn't even notice. LOL!

  3. I really appreciate this post. My daughter is from Africa and likes the long hair look. I am Caucasian with coarse, curly hair. I understand the mystique of the long straight hair because I so wanted it as a girl. However, my own hair will not do without major work and damage. As an adult I finally learned that my hair looks better shorter -- frames my face, frees up the heavy pyramid look, etc. I too am hoping to pass on the more positive image of curls to my girl with tight, tight hair that will do nearly any style she likes.

    Mocha Baby is sooo cute. What a beautiful family!

  4. the end of your video brought tears to my eyes. My 9y/o daugther (from haiti) wanted long straight hair. her hair was to her shoulders and we had it straigthened - worst thing i have ever done! and she would agree. We have since did the BC and she loves it. She wants to continue to grow her hair but she is happy with it now. I have learned so, so much from your blog. i wish i could've found it Before doing the straightening. i want my girls to love themselves, all of them for how God made them.
    thank you so very much.
    God Bless!

  5. ^^^You are the reason I'm sharing--I'm so glad you've been encouraged!