Thursday, October 21, 2010

Less is More

I'm as guilty as anyone of saturating my girls' strands with too much product when we style. I often aggravate matters by trying to force several styling sessions in before washing. This results in layer after layer of products weighing down their strands, attracting dust, and looking anything but pliable and supple.

We've decided to make a change and oddly I got my revelation from work on MY hair, not the girls. I've been using fewer and fewer products in my hair in an effort to deal with a flaky condition around my hairline, and was amazed by how soft my hair has become. The less I use, the more it thanks me.

I'm always writing about MG3's fine, fuzzy and fluffy hair. This hair type is particularly sensitive to product overload. Pictured above, I was able to give the appearance of a thick head of lush nappy hair, by using a dab of castor oil to damp hair while weaving her strands into loose braids. The effect is darling and MG3 is VERY pleased.


  1. This was a timely post for me. I just realized that I've been guiltly of product overload on my daughter from time to time.

    I know you are a big advocate of leaving a baby's hair alone, but I'm curious about your "daily routine" for MB. Are there certain products (conditioners, etc) that you use with her on a regular basis? If it's not in puffs do you do anything to it on a daily basis or is it pretty much hands-off her hair?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

  2. @Char-
    I practice what I preach. I don't have a DAILY regimen for MB. I do her hair once a week. I mostly spritz her hair with plain water and seal in moisture with a tiny bit (dime size at most)of castor oil. I don't put anything else on her hair until the next week. In the bath her hair gets wet as she splashes. I put so little in her hair we can easily go 2 weeks between actually washing her hair with shampoo.

    Her style doesn't always look perfectly smooth but you see the results. I have NEVER had a baby so young with this much hair on her head--yet her hair is very similar to her sisters. I know that my different behavior has made all of the difference.