Saturday, July 17, 2010

MG3's wash and go...take 2

Why am I here again?

MG3's hair is so soft and full and happy after being loose. I think her hair thrives better unhindered.

I'm still not up for styling every day but I've been experimenting with letting her wear a chunky shrunken fro, without all the curl defining products and manipulation. I washed her hair, added leave in conditioner, blotted away the excess water and finger combed it into an afro shape. I took a head band, doubled it around her head and pushed it into place to fashion the puff pictured above. At night I remove the band and let her sleep with her fro loose. In the morning I spritz her hair liberally with plain water and finger comb her sleep matted fro back into the shape I want and use the headband to fashion a new puff. No brushing, no gel and no extra products. When her hair feel dry I will do a conditioner wash and start over.

It's been super easy and her hair looks great.


  1. Can you imagine how many of us would have had much more positive experiences with our hair and have been so free to accept it if our mothers had done this very thing? Allowing your baby girl to live with her loose fro and is so wonderful and amazing to me.

  2. That is a beautiful afro! Low manipulation, chunky, loose styles can work so well for some kids. It's one of favorite styles for my daughter.

  3. @Maed2Proser--For one thing we wouldn't take ourselves so seriously when it comes to hair. That's what I'm hoping my girls get out of all of this.

    @Katie--I think low manipulation is the key to having a peaceful nappy experience.

  4. I've been so afraid that if I don't re-moisturize, detangle, etc each day that I let my girl wear her hair down, that we'll end up damaging it. Good to know that I needn't be so afraid. I know my girl would be very pleased if we could do something simple like this. Just found your blog, and I'm so thankful.