Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Joys and Pitfalls of Mg2's Braidlocks

The joys...
1. She loves them.  In the beginning, I worried that Mg2 would change her mind about having braidlocks.  I watched her carefully on our first Princess Day after installing her locks.  I wondered if she felt like she was missing out on something as her younger sisters enjoyed their loose hair.

When I finally had a moment alone with Mg2,  I whispered, "Princess Day is every day for us, right?"

 She smiled and nodded.

"Are you sure?  It would be very easy for me to take your locks down today if you like..."

"I love my locks mom.  I want them to look just like yours."

"I can't promise you that.  I promise that your locks will look just like yours."

Hugs and kisses ensued and we moved on.

2. Mg2 is fully responsible for her own hair and care is easy.  Detangling was the most difficult skill to teach HmG.  With locks, Mg2 has no worries.  We have set up a routine for her to wash her locks every Saturday morning with a diluted sulfate free shampoo.  Her final rinse is with diluted apple cider vinegar (1 tsp to 8oz of water).  After blotting her locks with a towel, Mg2 pours a dime size amount of safflower oil in her palms, rubs them together and runs greasy hands through her damp locks.  They air dry quickly.

3. Mg2 enjoys styling her locks.  She generally wears them mother like daughter, huh?  Unlike me...if it ain't broke...Mg2 loves to experiment.  I've found her braiding and twisting and curling with all sorts of accessories.  She so inspired me I ordered some Lock Loops.  The result?  Curls, glorious curls and lots of bounce.

4. Styling is optional.  Mg2's locks are the optimal wash and go style.  We've really enjoyed this in a time crunch.

The pitfalls...
1. She loves them. My locks have evolved and changed so much over time.  I hope Mg2 will continue to love her locks as as she does today, as they mature and  probably look different.

2. Mg2 is fully responsible for her own hair and care is easy.  Sometimes it's too easy and we forget about them.  Was today wash day? Sometimes Mg2 is being a ten year old who is not overly concerned about sticking to her hair routine.  It's on Mocha Mom to remember to remind her...trouble is Mocha Mom is juggling so many balls that the locked hair ball sometimes gets dropped.

3.Mg2 enjoys styling her locks.  Sometimes the styles are...interesting.

4. Styling is optional but becoming a lint magnet is not.  Mg2 is ten years old, and not overly concerned about her hair as she goes about her business of sprawling across the beige carpeting, dressing up in fuzzy costumes, and laying across the freshly mowed lawn.  I'm constantly picking bits of something out of her locks.

If I could go back and make my decision again, knowing what I know now---would I still choose to lock Mg2's hair?



  1. they look great and sounds like nothing a little bit of Sharpe marker can't fix, lol!! (lint)

  2. hello, how do you re-tighten her hair? And have you dealt with lumps in the loc?

    1. It has worked to out to be once every 2-3 months. Yes her locks are lumpy, but this is part of the lock stage she is in--budding phase. My locks were very lumpy too but have smoothed out a lot. I actually like the lumps that remain.