Friday, February 8, 2013

HmG Tiny Braids: She did ALL by HERSELF!


  1. great job girl as we say in my country F√ČLICITATIONS!!!

  2. Would you mind sharing a little bit about the technique she used? did she do box braids? pinch parts? start at the bottom back? the top? has she been twisting her whole head much prior?
    My daughter is 11 and I think that perhaps with me verbally coaching her and helping with sections she could do a whole head of pinch parts into twists and I'v been considering it lately.
    She LOVES braiding her dolls hair and is a fast braider actually but I thought twists might be easier on her own head.
    Have you done the same to your head ever? lots of small braids? were you able to give her suggestions from your own experiences or did she come up with her own method?
    Julie A.
    mom to three who when I am overwhelmed with hair I remind myself of you!

  3. They were initially twists. She did pinch the parts but also used the tail end of a rat tail comb to clean up the parts. I do make suggestions but HmG tweaks it to suit herself. I've worn braids for years before starting my locks with tiny braids. Trial and error, patience and lots of practice is all it takes. I think it's great that your daughter is ready to start.

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  7. This is fantastic. I just love how you are giving your daughter more and more independence, in a really appropriate way. You are an inspiration.