Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask Mocha Mom: Dry Scalp


  1. I've heard a lot of people say they only co-wash their kid's hair and rarely use shampoo. I'm curious what your thoughts are on this? Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

    1. I'm not against co-washing. When my hair was loose and short I co-washed daily and shampooed about once every 3 weeks. It depends on the kind of conditioner your are using. Ones with silicones can build up and cause problems if you don't shampoo often enough. It also depends on the kind of oils and butters you use--same issue. I don't co-wash the girls' hair because I tend to style their twists/braids with shea butter. It also would fuzz their styles up to the max. Conditioner makes hair unravel. That wouldn't work if I was trying to wash with a style still in. I've also noticed that different textures may respond differently. For example, Mg2's hair wouldn't respond well but all the other girls would. I say try it and see. It was VERY moisturizing to my hair--but I did use shampoo at least once a month.