Friday, February 24, 2012

Ask Mocha Mom: Can I REALLY Homeschool?


  1. I like your quiet time idea (as a homeschool mom of 6 years). I do this somewhat when my younger one naps, but I need to make it more of a habit - and now I might be able to do it without guilt :) The problem I run into is field trips. Almost every homeschool field trip is between 1-3, so I feel guilty that my oldest (in grade 5) rarely gets to do the field trips.

  2. I do homeschool field trips. Ours are usually in the morning and I am home by quiet time. Our trips are once a month. If I only had access to field trips during quiet time I would STILL do the field trips. Dropping quiet time once week is fine. I use this tool to help me recharge. I don't allow it to prevent me from capitalizing on opportunities which would benefit my entire family. If I can enjoy my quiet time most days I'm fine. I'll have an occasional week where I'm missing it left and right. Those are not my best weeks but I make it through. I try to use wisdom.