Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 10 - 15 LTP Styling

I love ponytails and colorful headbands. This headband is really a simple design but the color contrast works really well with her skin tone and is a nice pop of color with her outfit.
Day 15!

Mg2's hair looks about the same. Gotta love that about her hair. Compact fuzz. HmG has some fuzz but she decides to curl her dry twists with pipecleaners. The curls start to really fall after a couple of hours--as pictured above. She will try this again with damp hair.

What about the Littlest Mocha princesses?

Time is up! The only fix for this would be a pair of cute hats.

I haven't added anything to their hair.

HmG covers her head every night but it's a hit or a miss for everyone else. Mocha Baby almost never.


  1. Hi
    When you say that their hair is in twists are they basic two strand twists or rope twists? I have been trying to do more LTP styles as well and can't quite figure out the balance--it may take a long time to put in (i'm still slow at the corn rows), then requires little care which I love but then can take a while to take down. The tricky part is doing it with three heads of hair which I know you can relate to . So my question was also if you typically do everyone's hair at the same time (which means take down and re-dos all occur at the same time as well) or do you stagger the process between kids? (which sometimes feels like I'm doing hair all the time) I can't figure out if it's better to take one weekend a month to be "hair" weekend and do everybody or do one kid a weekend.... no matter what I decide I do want to thank you for helping me to embrace the fuzz :-)
    Julie A

  2. These are basic 2 strand twists. I have done 3 strands in the past but not recently. The two strand is faster for me to put in and take down. Sometimes I'll style everyone at once and it does take all day. Sometimes it's not possible if the take down of a style takes to long. I do often do it all at once--especially for an event. Typically I style the 3 youngest girls in one day and do HmG on a day by herself. She washes her own hair. Lately Mg2 has been wearing her styles longer than her younger sisters so I style her on the same day as HmG. It CAN feel like I'm doing hair all of the time. I do prefer to get it all out of the way at once if I can.