Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Beads Are Back!

Once upon a time I was the beaded queen! Not for myself, but every style I gave my daughters included some beaded design. I gathered a nice collection of colors, shapes and sizes. I stopped using beads when I realized that the weight of my designs, coupled with the constant motion of the beads as the girls swung their braids around, were acting like razors to their ends. Their retention was stagnant and their ends looked terrible. I stopped using the beads but couldn't get myself to throw the collection away. I'm so glad I kept them because I think this new method of weaving a few beads through the length of the braids, while avoiding the ends will work much better for us.

I asked HMG if she wanted the same style as her sisters. You should have seen her face--LOL! It was was like, "Mom.....SERIOUSLY?" LOL! What can I say? She'll always be my baby!

We settled on this alternative.

HMG was very happy with the outcome. She picked out the beads and designed the pattern herself.

I think the beads keep their styles spiced. They work really well with the fuzz. I'm always happy to find some way to stretch a style. Their hair loves to be left alone and I am happy to oblige.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Confessions of a Busy Mocha Mom

I confess that I haven't done the girls' hair over yet, because they are going swimming this weekend.

I confess that I may be getting too comfortable with fuzz, and frizz, and almost never think twice about our hair when we leave the house.

I confess that I'm glad I can't guarantee the gender of my kids, or I'd only be enjoying one mocha girl right now and I love them all so much.

I confess that I don't always feel up to the task and am glad that God doesn't require that I never stumble, but is grooming me to position myself to let him catch me when I fall.

I confess that it's not easy teaching my babies lessons I haven't fully learned myself--thank God I'm not doing any of this in my own strength.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday MG3!

Thanking God for my beautiful five year old! Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but I have to work for part of the day so we start celebrating today!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you enjoying your mocha princess?

I'm learning more and more that what my girls want from me the most is my time. In the past I've been stunted by trying to plan the perfect event. Either I didn't have the resources or imagined the more stuff I could offer my girls the better. I'm learning that doing something cheap, simple, and fun often results in some of the most precious memories.

My husband and son traveled for a father son camp experience, leaving us behind. The girls were looking to me for a special time at home, but I was exhausted from starting our homeschool, and the demands of chasing a baby on the brink of walking while trying to be available for quality individual interaction with four other children. My husband is very supportive, but my responsibilities demand a lot both physically and emotionally.

I tend to fake it it til I make it. We watched videos. Turned errands into a fun window shopping trip. Made french bread pizza. Worshipped together. All these things were fun, but the gem of the weekend happened spontaneously.

MG3 wanted to play make up. I had the girls wait for me in the kitchen while I rushed upstairs to clean things up in the master bathroom. My initial thought was to baby proof the floor space so that MB could crawl around. As I look around I noticed the unlit candles and a white folded gauzy floor length curtain. I decided right then to use what I had on hand to turn my bathroom into a Nappy Princess Spa. I lit the candles, put on some sweet music, and covered a chair from my son's room with the guazy curtain and secured it all with a silky scarf. I spread make-up and nail polish all around the counter. The girls gasped and squealed with glee when I finally brought them in.

I've been teaching my girls to relax about their appearance, and not to let a fear of messing up their hair prevent them from having fun. This is an important message, but I want to make sure my girls balance this relaxed attitude by knowing when to celebrate their femininity and glam it up! I'm no expert, but we sure had fun packing on the pretty colors and giggling. We took lots of pictures. The end result was silly, but I'm sure we'll smile every time we look at those shots.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

MB's Puffs!

I styled Mocha Baby's (MB) hair as she sat in the exersaucer pictured above. I used a spritzed bottle of plain water with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar as an acidifier to help lay down her shingles for detangling. It DOES smell strongly of vinegar but if you can stand it, the smell fades away completely once the hair is dry. I prefer using the Aloe acidifying mix I mention here, because it's odorless. I tried the ACV, because I'm out of aloe. I think it worked just as well.

I secured her puffs with small elastic rubber bands, found in any beauty supply store.
I wound the rubber band around 3 times for most of the puffs, making sure I could slide a finger easily under the rubber band to her scalp. I want to avoid pulling the hair tight enough to cause tiny bumps and breakage.

When it is time to take down the puffs in a couple of days, I will use scissors to carefully cut away the rubber bands.