Friday, July 31, 2015

Yours girls are punishment for tormenting your mother!

I had an awful experience at the bank while waiting in line to make a deposit with my 3 youngest girls. I knew I should have used the drive through!
Lady ahead of me: These all your girls?
Me (Big smile on my face): No I have 4 girls!
Lady ahead of me: You were awful to your mother weren't you?
Me (what??????): No my mother and I have a great relationship!
Lady ahead of me: They say you get lots of girls if you were awful to your mother.
Me: I needed girls! I have grown so much. I am so glad God gave them to me. God gives you what you need.
Lady ahead of me: I have two girls and if I had another one I would shoot myself.
Me (really Lady?): Well, I really like my girls.
Lady ahead of me: I love my girls, but....(look of horror, and you must be crazy on her face).
My girls stood silently listening to it all.
I am a trained counselor so I understand that this woman is probably going through some hard stuff with her daughters. I wanted to be empathetic and reach out to her but I was too mad.
LADY! Do you really expect me to tear down my daughters (you are a complete stranger) with them standing right here???????????
I did ask God for sons because I thought I was better equipped to cherish sons, but I am so glad He BLESSED me with my FOUR daughters!

I realize this was a wasted opportunity.  Momma Bear rose up, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to cover up my girls' ears!  The conversation would have never come up if my girls weren't there, but wouldn't it have been lovely if I had been alone with this woman?  Maybe we could have walked out of the bank together and really talked about what was going on with her girls.

She must be going through something terrible to try to convince a complete stranger that girls are punishment for wicked daughters who had tormented their mothers.  

This lady would not back down no matter what I said.
She talked to me right through her transaction.  Her teller just watched. 

I was so glad to wrap up my business and turn to her saying, "Goodbye!"

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Beach Game Needs Help!

Don't. Judge. Me.

So we came back from the beach super late last night, and I allowed everyone to fall into bed as is.

It was very late and I knew that I had nothing left to give.

Yes, I know that there are showers at the beach, but am I the only one who gets grossed out by floors?  One look at the soggy tissue paper, and sandy trails was all I needed to help me decide that sitting on damp towels for the drive home was no big deal.

I need some help with my beach game.  I have to acknowledge that sand is a real game changer, and my pool regimen needs some tweaking.

I did feel panicked to see sand embedded in the girls' braids and scalp.

A good night of sleep gave me a renewed sense to do Mommy, and I am so glad we waited.

A bottle of Trader Joe's Refresh worked wonders for a co-wash.  The sand rinsed cleanly away! We finished off with apple cider vinegar rinses.  We are definitely living the fuzzy life, but the girls have super soft hair with all of this moisture.  I sealed it all in with a dime sized about of castor oil.

Our next beach trip is in two weeks.  What is your beach system?  The others moms around me definitely seemed to be working a system!

One thing is for sure.  I plan to purchase another bottle of my favorite cheap conditioner.  I missed it for sure!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lessons From My Garden

If you follow me on Facebook, you've already heard that I feel over committed this summer. I feel a lot like the white flower pictured above.

This morning I finally enjoyed about an hour of weeding in my garden.  I generally don't enjoy weeding, though I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I am done.  Yet today I did my weeding with great pleasure, because I was finally able to get to it.

As I was working, I noticed that weeds flourish in some parts of my garden and not others. I planted all of my flowers at the same time, yet the weed sparse areas have fat robust arrangements.  I thought there was no hope for the flowers in the weed infested areas.

You can imagine my surprise to find this, after just a little bit of focused work!

This little flower is filling me with hope and renewed purpose.

I see the weeds as all the busy that is choking me to death this summer.  This morning, I felt down for the count, but this little flower has reminded me that life is difficult to kill.  There is still a vibrant flourishing me under all of the weedy mess.

I sometimes feel sad I leave my house to offer my services for yet another good cause.  I hate the way Ms. MB wraps her little arms around my waist tightly and kisses me goodbye.  Her eyes are always saying, "Do you have to go?"

Causes are important, and everyone feels like their cause is the most important of all.  I haven't had a hard time saying, "No" in the past.  Somewhere, along the way, I wandered off my path.

What I have here at home is important enough for me to be here.

I am breaking free, and it feels wonderful!

As I packed up my gardening supplies and wandered toward the house, I noticed that I forgot a few weeds here and there.  My first instinct was to get back to work!  I am so glad for the wise redirection of the Holy Spirit in me.

Weeding is not a one shot deal and some weeds appear to be pretty flowers at first. I plan to walk this thing out daily and with consistency

Monday, July 6, 2015

TWA Regimen and Products

I thought I could jump right back into caring for a TWA like seven years involving growing out my hair and having locks had never happened.

I can't believe how much I forgot!

As much as I love the new look, it was so embarrassing to expose a scalp that is not completely healthy.

I panicked!

Trial and error is still the best teacher.  Slowly it all came back to me and I am now rocking a flake free scalp.

Video available on Thursday on  YouTube

This three pack makes a lot of sense for me since I am using so much.